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Bobbin Holders

Years of valuable experience backed by technological excellence and product innovation had made Autotex the largest Bobbin Holder manufacturer in the world, Autotex offers a comprehensive range of bobbin holders for various spinning purposes. Autotex Bobbin Holders are tested and trusted with the assurance of durability and endurance.
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  • Fully Closed type Bobbin Holder with components made of special anti-static nature material to protect against entry of fluff.
  • The patented ratchet mechanism ensures a superior performance and proven for a reliable, trouble free longer duration of life.
  • The bearing mechanism is provided with the spherically centered principle for a smooth, precise and consistent unwinding of roving.
  • Advanced Internal braking system adopts the special spherically centering principle for an effective brake for a précised rotation.
  • The Bobbin Holder parts are made from polymers, specially formulated for Autotex by the world's leading polymer manufacturer.

Major Innovations:-

  • Autotex MBS - Bobbin Holder ( Multi Brake System )
  • 4 PHS and 4 PH - Bobbin Holder ( Four Point Holding )
  • BTS Bobbin Holder ( For Bobbin Transport System )

Fluff Collector

Autotex Fluff Collector -The Cleaning Solution, To make a Quality fabric Carding | Drawing | Combing | Roving | Spinning | Winding | Weaving - Important One thing very important in every stage is – Cleaning.

Cleaning Made Easy !
The Faultless quality of the textile fabric depends to a great extent on the cleanliness at each and every process. Improper house keeping may lead to yarn faults up to 30% . Though blowers are supposed to prevent the accumulation of fiber fly, lint and thread waste. the fiber remain in some places may affect the quality considerably. Removing of these fibre’s reduces defects in the product.



  • Reliable spring mechanism for better triggering and long revolution.
  • Effective strain bearing mechanism in spindle assembly for durability.
  • Specially selected wear resistant materials ensures best performance.
  • With less triggering force high self rotation is achieved.
  • Less tiring ensures more durability for longer life.
  • Spindle can be replaced easily. Short and long Spindles available.



  • Saving in time and man power is assured.
  • No mechanical parts, so no wear and tear.
  • Designed for less manual effort to increase the cleaning efficiency.
  • Light in weight, easy to operate and comfortable for handling.
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery for an effective 10hrs backup.
  • Cordless and battery operated for easy usage.