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Polyurethane Disc

Polyurethane Disc

These friction discs are used for producing polyamide and polyester false-twist yarns.
Excellent Stability to Enable High-Speed Production in Specific Operating Conditions. As the demand for high-speed production continues to grow, there are increased needs for stabilizing the quality of false-twist yarns, and improving the durability of polyurethane discs. By using an original mixing formula developed through extensive experience, Yamauchi offers friction discs for various operating conditions. They offer high stability and long life. PU Disc find Wide usage in Aalidhra and Himson Texturising Machine .


Two Types of Friction Disc with High Durability and Excellent Flaxural Characteristics

Yamauchi produces two types of polyurethane friction discs with high resistance to abrasion and bending. They can be used for various types of filament, including polyamide, polyester and PET. Yamauchi can provide friction discs that ensure high stability in the specific operating conditions of each customer’s production facilities.

Material Main feature Color
BH-90, BH-85 Twist-priority type Brown
WT-90, WT-85 Yarn-strength-priority type White
Polyurethane Disc
45.0 12.00 6.0
46.0 12.00 6.0
47.5 12.00 6.0
51.2 12.00 6.0
52.0 12.00 9.0
52.0 14.45 9.0
53.5 12.00 9.0
58.5 12.00 9.0
58.0 14.45 9.0