Precitex Products


PRECITEX synthetic rubber aprons are made from superior polymer for delivering uniform performance throughout their working life. They Find Usage in Spinning Ring Frames, Speed Frame and Fly Frame.

Salient Features:-

  • The outer layer of apron offers excellent resistance to abrasion. It offers high degree of ozone resistance and also resistance to damage due to dyes, chemicals and other spinning additives. The smooth surface finish enables proper fibre control.
  • The inner layer has very good wear resistant properties and offers better durability. It has very low coefficient of friction to ensure smooth gliding movement of apron on drafting elements.
  • Higher tensile strength of apron minimizes instances of apron breakage.


PRECITEX offers wide range of cots with shore hardness ranging from 63o to 90o A to meet varying spinning needs. PRECITEX cots are made from new generation polymers and chemicals that offer charge repellent and conductive working surface. They offer trouble free performance, longer life span and ensure good and consistent yarn quality. Precitex Cots Find Usage in Ring Frame , Roving Frame , Speed Frame , Draw Frame and Comber .

The cots are manufactured out of superior rubber compound, designed to meet the following functional requirements:

Salient Features:-

  • Excellent resilience of the compound along with good fibre control properties help in delivering superior yarn quality.
  • Very good wear resistant properties offer enhanced service life.
  • Controlled ageing process ensure consistent yarn quality over the service span.
  • Special "conductive" formulation of the cot eliminates all problems associated with buildup of static charges during yarn spinning process, thus providing stable working condition.


PRECITEX introduces Lattice Apron for Compact Spinning Systems of different makes. The Lattice Apron provides adequate compacting of fibers and delivers yarn with low hairiness value.

Salient Features:-

  • PRECITEX Lattice Apron has uniform construction to ensure better compacting.
  • It’s manufactured using superior quality anti-static material to ensure trouble free performance.
  • Fiber does not stick to the surface of the apron, providing a clean working surface all the time for effective compacting process.
  • The material used has self-lubricating properties and low coefficient of friction for smooth running.


PRECITEX offers Texturising apron belts and nip roller cots for high speed Texturizing machines. They are made of superior grade polymer that has higher abrasion resistance. PRECITEX texturising cots are available in springrip construction where no glue is required for mounting. It facilitates immediate grinding after mounting thus saving labour and time. Precitex Aprons and Nip Rollers find usage in Various Machines like Barmag Machine , Murata Machine , Aalidhra Machine and Himson Machine.

Salient Features:-

Apron Belts:

  • The apron belts offer vibration free running at high speed upto 1200 m/min.
  • They have very good tensile properties which prevent apron breakage due to high load while processing coarser denier filament yarn.
  • The outer layer has got special surface finish to ensure proper gripping and crimping at higher operating speeds.

Nip Roller Cots:

  • Offers high degree of wear resistance for longer durability.
  • Good gripping surface which avoids yarn slippage.