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Statex Semi-Automatic VTM Dispenser

“STATEX Semi-Automatic VTM Dispenser” is to measure 3ml of liquid accurately and pump into individual sterile conical screw-capped tubes, by pressing the leg pedal switch.


ü  Two pumps working independently to fill 3ml of liquid in two sterile conical tubes by two operators.

ü  Measuring (ml) accuracy +/- 0.10%

ü  Pump speed selectable in four speeds: 75,150,300 and 600 RPM.

ü  Filling time will be less than 1 secs/tube/pump of 3ml VTM. Cap opening, liquid filling and cap retightening will be capable to do within 4secs.

ü  1440 – 1500 Tubes of 3ml VTM can be filled in 1hr with 2 operators in normal course.

ü  Flow rate variable up to 1000ml / min.

ü  Special Cap provided for easy replacement of VTM Bottles.

ü  Special tubes provided to suit as per medical requirements.

ü  User friendly Pedal Operation System.

ü  Independent Pedals for 2 Operators.

ü  Autoclavable and Biodegradable pipeline.

VTM Dispenser Video: