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Fabric Testing

Fabric Testing

Fabric Testing

Fabric strengthtester machine is used to measure the strength and elongation of fabric materials.

Fabric strengthtester measures the strength by constant rate of elongation principle.


ü  Floor mounted, rugged steel body, auto self aligned jawsand double screw rod mechanism for precision measurement of breaking load.

ü  Strip strength test and tear strength test in 200mm gaugelength can be done.

ü  Testing range: up to 500kgs.

ü  Testing speed: 300mm/min constant.

ü  Designed with rugged steel body for better stability.

ü  Specially processed jaws for avoid slippage.

ü  Load cell fixed with self aligning mechanism for accuratemeasurement.

ü  Double screw rod mechanism to avoid parallaxes error.

ü  This instrument can be operate without computer.



ü  Individual fabric strength, Elongation. 

ü  Average.

ü  CV%.

ü  Minimum.

ü  Maximum.

ü  Range.

ü  Standard deviation.

ü  Q95 confidence limit.