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Compact Spinning

Compact Spinning

Compact Spinning

In Summit Compact Spinning Technology there is better binding of fibres which reduces the imperfection and Hairinessfrom the cop stage to the cone stage; and similarly in all further process up to the finished cloth. This assures for better cloth quality and appearance than any other compact system.


ü  STRENGTH can be increased upto 8% - 10%

ü  IMPERFECTION can be reduced upto 20% to 25%

ü  YARN HAIRINESS (S3) can be reduced upto

70% to 80%

ü  YARN ELONGATION can be increased upto 4% to 5%

ü  PRODUCTION improvement upto 10%

ü  TPI possible to reduce 10% (Depending on working)

ü  After yarn dying, uniformity and appearance will be

looking good.

ü  Working performance in weaving and knitting can be



ü  Multi-Angle Suction Slot (Patented).

ü  Special Roving Condenser.

ü  Load applied in equal distance.

ü  Reversable Pressure Pad.

ü  Intermediate Gear with colour code.

ü  Auto Suction Manager.


Statex Summit Compact has Twin Colored Top Roller for easy identification while interchanging cots assembly with adjacent Top Arms without buffing,which will increase and doubles the life of cots.

ü Doubles the life of compact top roller while using ”Multi-AngleSuction Slot” in the suction tube.
ü After the run over ofthe first path on the Top roller cots, without buffing we can just Interchangethe cots assembly in the Adjacent top arms.
ü This provides a new pathwhich gives double the life of cots and also avoids frequent buffing schedulethereby increasing the life of compact cots and the lattice aprons.


Special Double Colour Roving Condenser for accurate and permanent guide for the roving to suit Multi-Angle Suction Slot.

ü  ”Summit” will take care to lead the adjacent spindle fibre path to maintain equal centre distance from the centre of the top arm. This will provide accurate equal top arm load distribution on fibre drafting.

ü  On the whole we conclude that the ”Summit” provides less maintenance cost by increasing the life of compact components and at the same time improves the quality of yarn.

ü  Statex Summit Compact ”Suction Slot Angle” is designed in such a way:-

  1) To achieve the top arm pressure load distribution equally on both the drafting fibre.

  2) To increase the buffing cycle and double the life of cots.


ü  Statex Pressure Pad is having sliding fit and it is provided for a full length of suction tube and it is also reversible.

ü  Life of the pressure pad will be up to 6 Years. First Position - 3 Years and after Reposition - another 3 Years


üIntermediate gear is made up of special synthetic(SS) and self-lubricated material with highwear resistance property.

ü Normal self-life is 2 years, if reversed the intermediate gear at the same place during each buffing cycle, it will increase the life cycle to another 48 months.

ü Equally worn out in both sides of the gear teeth leads to long life of the gear wheel. This proper interchanging system will lead to higher life cycles for more than 36months.


Auto suction manager is to monitor and control the compact suction fan for maintaining the set compact suction.

ü Both suction pipes are interlinked and the suction is maintained by the suction pressure sensor.It controls the suction motor RPM to achieve the set vacuum throughout the period 24x7.

ü  The suction sensor functions to monitor and control the suction motor speed and switch off both motors, if the variation of suction is more than 10%.

SIRO Compact

SIRO Compact

SIRO Compact

Siro Compact spinning is drafting of two roving and suction compacting the same before twisting each other.


ü  Excellent Yarn Strength and Evenness with low hairiness.

ü  Surface appearance looks like double yarn.

ü  It is an excellent replacement for double yarn for some variety of clothes.

ü Customer can change Statex Siro Compact to Statex Summit Compact single roving and vice versa (It can be achieved by just replacing some components).